West Australia’s Horizontal Falls Tour – Is It Worth The Big Dollars?

The cost to tour Horizontal Falls is around $2000 per couple. It is definitely worth factoring the cost of this amazing experience into your budget!

65,000 km and 18 months Touring Australia – The Stats

We give our average weekly costs, accomodation and fuel details for our 18 months touring Australia.
Coronavirus means we are forced to finish traveling for the time being.

March 2020 – Travel Expenses

An itemised summary of our travel expenses for the month of March 2020, and an overall weekly average over the 18 months.

We are just a regular Australian couple, married for almost 30 years with two young adult boys. We are making the most of our lives by maximising our travel opportunities before retirement! Many people think they need to wait until retirement or until they win lotto! Unfortuntely, things don’t always go to plan. We are making sure we see our fair share of this country now. We have always traveled more than most while working, taking advantage of long weekends and sneaking in an extra day’s leave here and there. 

In August 2018 we both resigned from our jobs to take a “gap year or 2” We have been on the road since then, and hope to extend our “gap year or 2” for as long as possible! 

We love the red Outback, country pubs, Aussie rivers, vibrant sunsets, waterfalls, campfires, stargazing and following that secluded bush trail either on foot or in the 4WD. Then of course, there is the Coast! How glorious is it to stroll our Australian coast line, spotting whales, exploring rock pools or splashing in the waves! If you enjoy all those things too, you will just love our adventures! Hope to see you out there!

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Do you have childhood memories of camping or caravanning with your family?

Glenns family went caravanning ONCE!
Glenns dad borrowed this caravan from a work mate and took his young family to the NSW South Coast for a few days.
As Glenn was only 2, he has no memory of his only childhood caravanning trip.
My family didn’t holiday at all.
We are so pleased that as adults we have discovered this affordable, and addictive way to travel. 😍

Show us your pics of family caravaning trips over the years.

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On this day, 12 months ago, we entered WA for the first time. It was a very exciting day 🎉
Since then, we have explored The Kimberley and The Pilbara in the North, before turning around to enter WA for a second time, this time crossing The Nullarbor. Western Australia is Simply Amazing!
Unfortunately Coronavirus stopped us from completing our time in WA and we will need to wait quite a while until we can get back.

As we are now in NSW, we look forward to being allowed to travel again from June 1. There is still lots to see in our home state.
Today is another very exciting day 🎉
Happy Friday Everyone!

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