July 2021 – Travel Expenses

An itemised summary of our monthly expenses for July, and an overall weekly average.

June 2021 – Travel Expenses

An itemised summary of our travel expenses for June 2021, and an overall weekly average.

May 2021 – Travel Expenses

An itemised summary of our May2021 travel expenses, and an overall weekly average.

We are just a regular Australian couple, married for almost 30 years with two young adult boys. We are making the most of our lives by maximising our travel opportunities before retirement! Many people think they need to wait until retirement or until they win lotto! Unfortuntely, things don’t always go to plan. We are making sure we see our fair share of this country now. We have always traveled more than most while working, taking advantage of long weekends and sneaking in an extra day’s leave here and there. 

In August 2018 we both resigned from our jobs to take a “gap year or 2” We have been on the road since then, and hope to extend our “gap year or 2” for as long as possible! 

We love the red Outback, country pubs, Aussie rivers, vibrant sunsets, waterfalls, campfires, stargazing and following that secluded bush trail either on foot or in the 4WD. Then of course, there is the Coast! How glorious is it to stroll our Australian coast line, spotting whales, exploring rock pools or splashing in the waves! If you enjoy all those things too, you will just love our adventures! Hope to see you out there!

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UPDATE:This photo was taken six years ago when our eldest son, Jarrad, travelled with us as a teenager. You might remember back in June when our time in Cape York was cut short because he became critically ill. We flew back to Newcastle to be by his side while he was fighting for life. He was in hospital for two months including a long stay in ICU, he was discharged in August. Glenn and I have been caring for him since and although his illness was meant to be temporary, recovery has not gone to plan. It is very possible that we will need to care for him long term. As you can imagine Jarrad’s life has been turned upside down, but so has ours. Jarrad is 25, he is not terribly keen to live with mum and dad on the road, but knows he can’t manage on his own. On the other hand, we have worked so hard to get where we are on our travel journey and we can’t contemplate giving that up right now. We need to take baby steps and work this out together. So, what happens now? We plan to take him away soon to see how he copes. We need to modify his sleeping arrangements as a swag just wont cut it anymore, and our activities will be more sedentary while we all adjust. We never would have imagined this scenario, but life throws curve balls. Over the last three years on the road we have had our fair share of those already, but this one has been the most difficult of all. We don’t know how long this situation will last, but you just might be seeing a third Happy Camper amongst us for a little while. We are blessed that he is alive ♥️ ... See MoreSee Less
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Some of regional Victoria and NSW can go camping again! 🏕 Who has found a nice quiet little spot by a river to celebrate with a campfire and a few nights under the stars? Happy Friday Everyone! ... See MoreSee Less
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