May 2021 – Travel Expenses

An itemised summary of our May2021 travel expenses, and an overall weekly average.

100 Thousand Km’s Traveling Australia

Check out some of our highs and lows from traveling Australia for 100 000km’s!

April 2021 – Travel Expenses

An itemised summary of our travel expenses for April 2021, and an overall weekly average.

We are just a regular Australian couple, married for almost 30 years with two young adult boys. We are making the most of our lives by maximising our travel opportunities before retirement! Many people think they need to wait until retirement or until they win lotto! Unfortuntely, things don’t always go to plan. We are making sure we see our fair share of this country now. We have always traveled more than most while working, taking advantage of long weekends and sneaking in an extra day’s leave here and there. 

In August 2018 we both resigned from our jobs to take a “gap year or 2” We have been on the road since then, and hope to extend our “gap year or 2” for as long as possible! 

We love the red Outback, country pubs, Aussie rivers, vibrant sunsets, waterfalls, campfires, stargazing and following that secluded bush trail either on foot or in the 4WD. Then of course, there is the Coast! How glorious is it to stroll our Australian coast line, spotting whales, exploring rock pools or splashing in the waves! If you enjoy all those things too, you will just love our adventures! Hope to see you out there!

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Thanks for your recent overwhelming support and get well wishes for our son.He is still in intensive care, but today, after 9 days, he is finally off the ventilator and can now talk! It is a very good feeling knowing his long road to recovery is now just a little bit shorter. ...
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Our Cape York Adventures are complete! As our girl gets a bath, let us give you some stats:We tow an 18 foot off road caravan with a PX3 Ford Ranger. ⛽️ Fuel - $713.12, 15.78L/100km 🧳 Travelled - 2517km 💵 Most expensive fuel - $2.05 Bramwell Roadhouse ⛺️ 17 days - Day 1 from Mareeba, and back to Mount Molloy on Day 17.(cut short by family emergency) Ideally an extra 3 days🍏 Groceries - Prices in Weipa were similar to any other town in Australia. 🍎 Grocery prices in other Cape York towns were more expensive as expected. 🚧 Road Conditions - Much more bitumen than expected. PDR has lots of dips & creek crossings, not deep crossings, but you really need to go slow when towing. Bamaga Road has lots of corrugations, although there are lots of smooth sections too. We averaged 65 to 70km/hr but slowed to almost a stop for many creek crossings. 🌪Dust - dust is everywhere and to be expected. It is important for vehicles to have headlights on to be visible to others in the dust. We were very happy to have minimal dust ingress in both the vehicle and caravan. 😞 Damage - Our washing machine shook to death on the corrugations. It blew up first use after arriving at The Tip. Hole in the bathroom wall (our fault by not securing the sliding door before driving) 💡 Tips - A UHF Radio is a necessity. Communication is made with most vehicles passing. It is annoying when a vehicle can’t be contacted. 12 pin plug is prone to getting water in from creek crossings. We should have probably raised and sealed it. Stay several days at The Tip! There is so much more to appreciate than just taking a photo with a sign. Unfortunately we had a faster than planned trip South from The Tip. A family emergency meant we needed to get to Cairns urgently to fly home. Ideally we would have enjoyed out trip south, taking a 4 to 5 days, staying at a few roadhouses on the way down. As it turned out we traveled south in just 2 days. Although this is doable, it is definitely not recommended. When you plan your trip to Cape York, please allow time to enjoy the journey. It is not about the destination, the whole experience is amazing! ...
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