Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Vicki and Glenn Bryant from Lake Macquarie NSW, we have two young adult sons. In 2018 we decided to resign from our jobs. Glenn was 55 and Vicki was just 49.

We wanted to escape the pressures of work. The stress of the workplace was making Glenn both physically and mentally sick. Our intention was to take a gap year. We soon found out that a year was not long enough and we are still on the road all these years later. Our mental health has never been better.

Our vehicle is a Ford Ranger PX3 and our caravan is a Kokoda Digger 2, 18 foot off road van. Our rig has taken us to some amazing places, and traveled on many of Australia’s well known outback tracks with ease. We do love the outback!

We still own our home. Our young adult sons live in it, pay rent and contribute to household expenses. It works perfectly for all of us, as they are very comfortable and we always have our bedroom when we visit home. We also have not had to find somewhere to store our belongings.

We travel as tourists, and do not stay anywhere longer than a week. We work minimally, not enough to cover our costs, but that is our choice. There is plenty of work out there if you want it.

When we run low on funds, we redraw from our home loan. A fact that understandably scares a lot of people, and is not for everyone, especially with rising interest rates, but for now, we are comfortable with our decision to do this occasionally.

There are so many bloggers and YouTubers out there, but we like to think we are different.
We don’t go fishing, we don’t travel with kids and we don’t travel with dogs. Its just us, both in our 50’s, no pecs or bikinis here, just average to look at, but we are living our best life!

Just hoping we inspire others to do the same 😃