Let us introduce ourselves.

We are Vicki and Glenn Bryant from Lake Macquarie NSW, we have two young adult sons.

In 2018 we made the huge decision to resign from our jobs. We have both been in the same professions, Glenn in the motor industry and Vicki in pharmacy, all our lives. We have held our same jobs for over 20 years! In 2018 we decided to leave our boys at home and hit the road, full time! We have been travelling more than most can manage, but we wanted and needed more. Fingers crossed the boys cope ok (and keep the house clean!) lol

Here is how our Australian travel addiction started.
We have always enjoyed driving holidays. Glenn loves history and I love scenery, Australia has exactly that. In our early marriage our holidays involved staying in cheap motels. It wasn’t until the boys were in primary school that we discovered camping! We had no idea what to expect and no idea that it would become so addictive!

Our introduction to camping was with a soft floor camper trailer. It gaves us the opportunity to travel Australia like we had always enjoyed, but unlike cheap motels, with the confidence that our bed was clean at the end of the day. Luckily we both had plenty of long service leave so we took our boys to some amazing places with a big trip every year and a few smaller ones too.

Several years later we were ready to upgrade to a Jayco Outback Swan. We were looking forwrd to being up off the ground and for an opportunity to cook inside in extreme weather conditions.

Not long after we purchased the Swan we had a life changing experience. In 2012, Glenn was just 48 and suffered a vertibral artery disection (causing a rare type of stroke) He was hospitalised for months and had to learn to walk again. His drivers licence was void and rehab was intense. Thankfully, our plans to visit NT and Darwin were still realised. We hit the road 3 weeks after his licence reinstated!

The whole near death experience changed our way of thinking. There may not be a tomorrow, life is precious, life is fragile. We are determined to enjoy this country at every opportunity. We are trying to fit in as much as possible before retirement, just in case retirement doesn’t come. …… And if it does? Lucky us! We get to see it again!

In 2015 our boys were teenagers so it was time to update to something more suitable for the two of us. Lots of research resulted in us purchasing a Kokoda XTrail Digger. The small off road van was perfect for the 2 of us and the boys used swags if they chose to tag along. We loved the abiity to explore off the beaten track with the luxury and comfort of our full off road Kokoda. So much so, that in 2018 we updated our Kokoda to a newer off-road model. In October 2018 we took off in our brand new Kokoda to travel full time. We resigned from our jobs to take “a gap year or 2” Now we are trying to extend that gap year for as long as possible! 

We hope you enjoy following our journey!