After months of planning, our leave date is fast approaching.Glenn has resigned from his job, and I have just one 8 hour shift before I also resign. This decision is suddenly very real.

We have been so busy since collecting our new van. There have been little things that need attention, nothing too dramatic, but inconvenient and time consuming. A faulty fridge being the major problem, but Thetford warranty will be coming to the party there.

A new caravan will always have teething issues and by no means are we disappointed. We absolutely love our new Kokoda Digger 11, but we are quite experienced in caravanning and know what we want and need. Glenn has been spending lots of time tinkering, tweaking and getting everything just right for us.

The lack of income has been noticeable. I only work part time and my income is minimal, but at the moment I’m the sole bread winner. ……. and we are only 8 hours away from us both being unemployed! This is all part of our plan, although it does feel strange.

In the meantime, the “mummy guilt” is hitting me. Our boys are not fully independent, but will be forced to become independent. That is probably a good thing, but I would like to be seeing that independence in action before we take off. I keep reminding myself we will only be a phone call away. We have lots of support networks in place so I am quietly confident they will cope. 🤞

The plan to make our travels a “four leaf clover” with a few little visits back home for special occasions is easing my mummy guilt, and also a sweetener for our mums who will miss having us close by.

Yet there is so much excitement! We have been looking forward to this day for years.

This weekend we are holding a farewell party with family and friends. A chance to share our excitement and anxiety with the ones we love. Excitement will continue, anxieties will be overcome.

I just want to go now! Let’s just hook up and go! But I need to be patient. This dream is very real ………. and its just around the corner!

We cant wait !!!!!!