Pet-friendly: Yes
Cost: Free
Facilities: Toilets, boat ramp, bins, campfires allowed.

Kentish Park is a free camp about 15 minutes from the town of Sheffield, Tasmania. The campground is on Lake Barrington. Admittedly we were initially disappointed when we arrived, as the campground is set high above the lake with little to no water view. The area is large and popular with locals for a weekend getaway. The toilet is somewhere down near the boat ramp (we haven’t found it yet)
Once we forgot about expecting water views, we realised we were in a lovely bush camp. The surroundings are relaxing and wildlife is prolific. Pademelons wandered the camp after dark and there are lots of birds flitting about.
The town of Sheffield was lovely! We easily spent the day wandering the streets admiring the murals. There are lots of cottage style shops, even a Marble Shop, and of course a bakery that serves an awesome scallop pie!

West Kentish Tasmania