We have been traveling Australia since October 2018 and have kept records of absolutely everything!

Our tow vehicle is a Ford Ranger PX3 with a GVM upgrade done pre registration. This does not help our GCM, but does give extra height for off road and helps with our weight distribution.
Our caravan is an 18 foot, single axle off road Kokoda Digger 11 and it has taken us to some amazing camp sites. We mainly free camp. Our battery set up is nothing out of the usual, but suits us fine. We have 2x 120 AGM Caravan batteries and 1x additional 120 AGM in the Ranger. We have 2x 160 watt solar panels on the caravan and 1x 300 watt on the Ranger. We also have an additional 120 watt solar blanket if needed. We have never needed extra power, even in cloudy Tasmania. In saying that, we are not usually in one spot for more than 3 or 4 days, so everything is charged regularly while driving.

Throughout our 3 years we have been traveling for 924 days and in lockdown for 164 days. A total of 1088 days.

Expenses have been tracked the whole time, but obviously less money was needed during lockdown which has helped to lower our overall weekly cost.


We are Glenn and Vicki. Traveling Australia since October 2018.

ACCOMODATION: 1088 nights.

Free Camps: 671 nights

Low Cost Camps: 190 nights

Campground over $20: 227 nights

We prefer to free camp and our solar and battery set up copes well.

Out of 1088 nights, just 164 were powered sites!


GAS: $7 per week.

Our Caravan fridge is 3 way. We free camp most of the time meaning gas is a very necessary part of our set up.

We also have a gas heater in the caravan, which is amazingly warm!

Contrary to what many people think, we do not use much additional gas when using the heater.

We find a gas bottle usually lasts around 3 to 4 weeks.

Our most expensive gas refill was $65 for a 9 litre bottle in Bamaga, Cape York.


We have travelled over 100 thousand KM’s in 3 years.

Our fuel expenses averaged $158 per week.

Our average fuel consumption was 15.62 L/100km.

We were towing around 80% of the time.



OTHER EXPENSES: $95 per week.

Our other expenses include such things as:

Hardware & camping supplies, car & van maintenance, website fees, National Park fees, toll charges, ferry costs, and flights to visit family.

In addition to “other expenses” are souvenirs and clothes costs of around $20 per week.

Our expenses DO NOT include car and caravan registration and insurance. These costs are included with our home expenses as we have not sold our home. Remember this point if you are using our costs as a guide for yourself.

GROCERIES: $148 per week


ALCOHOL: $31 per week


EATING OUT: $65 per week.

Eating out includes all Pub meals, Cafe & Bakery lunches, Take away drinks, coffee & ice creams.


TOTAL COSTS: $648 per week.

You hear many people travel for less. We found the longer you are on the road, the more maintenance needed. We have needed new tyres on both car and van. Many people who do a typical lap taking a year or so, do not need to take this long term maintenance into account with their budget. When you are on the road for years, you can not wait “until you get home” for repairs and maintenance.

We also hear of people spending more. We understand this. It is a constant challenge for us watching our costs. We would love to spend more on tourist attractions, but we are careful with our choices as this category could be the area to really blow out.

Our attractions cost is $55 per week, but could easily be lots more.

Lockdown ended in October 2021 (3 years since we left full time)

Our full time travels are temporarily on pause even though we are now out of lockdown.

Our son has developed a severe health issue requiring our full time care.

Although we are taking small trips with him, we are hopeful that we can start traveling further afield within a few months.  We will continue tracking our expenses into the future.

We love this traveling lifestyle too much to call it quits just yet!

Hoping our stats can help with your travel planning, and hope to see you on the road one day!

Cheers, Vicki and Glenn