Monthly Expenses – October 2020

Total: $2489.63

equals $562.17 per week with a Post Covid weekly average of $536.96



KM Travelled: 2074km

Litres / 100Km: 16.2

Fuel Total: $463.16

Eating Out

Eating out: $242.00

Quick lunches: $87.40

Coffee, snacks & ice creams: $46.20

Eating Out Total: $375.60


Groceries: $752.26

Wine & Alcohol: $164.00

Groceries Total: $916.26


Free Camps and Donation: $0.00
11x Nights

Low-Cost Campsites: $54.00
4x Nights

Campground over $20: $371.00
16x Nights

Accomodation Total: $425.00

Tours & Attractions

Tourist attractions & tours: $75.00

Souvineers & gifts: $43.00

Tours & Attractions Total: $118.00


Hardware & Camping supplies: $62.00

Car & Van maintenance: $67.00

Gas bottle refills: $22.00

National Park entry fees: $18.00

Miscellaneous: $22.00

Other Total: $191.00


We were expecting to be working this month, so initially set up in a caravan park. The work is seasonal and did not start when planned so we continued traveling around as  we usually do, we returned to the caravan park late in October with work expected to start early November.

Our costs this month are not as low as expected. Work was expected to slow spending down. We continued travel when we found out work was delayed. Our costs this month reflect unnecessary caravan park fees when we were not working and extra fuel used while touring.

In saying that, we are very happy with our weekly average within the $500 range, it is much lower than we are used to pre Covid.

A run down of pre Covid expenses can be found here.

65,000 km and 18 months Touring Australia – The Stats