Day 1: Good Friday March 30

Good Friday traffic heading west was thicker than in previous years. We usually head west to avoid the crowded coast for Easter. 

We drove over 600km only stopping for fuel and lunch. Lunch was a picnic in a lovely shady park in Naromine nsw. 

We arrived in Nyngan around 3.30pm and decided to check out the Nyngan Weir. WikiCamps reviews were mixed. Some love it, some hate it. We tend to be minimalists, so expected it would suit us. 

A short well maintained dirt road brought us out to a large open area on the river, with plenty of turning area for large rigs. There are no facilities and you need to be totally self contained, but that is fine by us. 

The absolute riverfront sites are a little tricky to manoeuvre a van, with plenty of overhanging trees and not many entry points. We spent quite some time planning our entry and exit to the sites right on the water. As we are a finely tuned team, in combination with uhf communication, we executed a perfect location! 

We spent the evening sitting by the water watching birds dart through the trees, ducks dodge the thousands of fish, and turtles poking their heads up every now and then. 

We chatted to several locals who come to the Weir to fish and we heard the locals partying across the river, but all in all, it is a long weekend so a little party noise did not spoil our stay. 

The area is very dry and there has been no rain for months, so the birdlife is prolific. 

The Weir is not far from town if you want to eat out, but as tonight is our first night we cooked our Easter calamari on our BBQ at camp and had a perfect night, topped off by the Southern Cross rising right before us after dark! 

Nyngan Weir