Day 2: Early morning walk around the Weir, it was a pleasant morning. We had a light breakfast planning a sausage sizzle lunch in Cobar at the reservoir. Cobar reservoir is a free camp with good WikiCamps reviews, so we planned to check it out and set up camp early if the campsite is ok.
Not long after leaving Nyngan we were greeted with the aroma of decomposing road kill entering our car vents, a sign we are entering the Australian Outback!
We arrived in Cobar before noon, the reservoir is very low. There were some pelicans and I’m sure it would be a lovely overnight camp, but given we arrived so early and it was very hot, we decided to drive on. Sausage sizzle abandoned and a pie from the bakery was the substitute.
We drove on to Willcania.
60km out of Cobar our car started giving fault codes and going into limp mode. Thankfully, Glenn has his scan tool and has erased the codes each time it faulted to limp into the oasis of a campground called Warrawong on The Darling, just outside Willcania. We have stayed here before, and they have green grass and fantastic, huge amenities. Probably some of the best ammenities ever! So, after a disappointing afternoon knowing that our plans will be changing because of car trouble, we shouted ourselves this paid campsite and enjoyed a long, hot shower!
Tonight we have been rewarded by witnessing the Easter full moon rising over the billabong behind our camp!
Mother Nature sure knows how to make one feel content.

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