Day 8: Kimba to Pildappa Rock

We took a drive to a lookout in Kimba first thing this morning before we headed west. Well worth the detour to see such interesting artwork and a view that seemed to go forever!
Kimba has two artworks on the top of the hill made from steel, metal and screws and pretty much anything you would find in the back Shed. And the result is amazing! Explorer, John Eyre and his indigenous tracker stand proud overlooking the countryside. John Eyre was courageous in his efforts to be the first explorer to cross from Sydney to the west coast of Australia. Quite a feat, if you ask me!
From Kimba, we travelled just a few hundred Km’s today. We were thrilled to find a massive display of Sturt Desert Pea growing wild on the side of the road in Widunna. Of course, we stopped for lots and lots photos!
Just a little further west was our destination for tonight, Pildappa Rock.
Pildappa rock is a less touristy version of Wave Rock in WA. Free camping is permitted, although a donation is requested. It is an easy climb to the top where you can literally see for miles. Although the flies were so persistent that we needed our fly nets, at least we always cary these in the van. It would have been very annoying without them. The Marsh flies were biting furiously today, even sometimes bringing blood! And the heat was intense. ……… Many people would think we were crazy for spending the night here and enjoying this location.
But Mother Nature is our best friend, and today has been a wonderful show of everything she has to offer.
Come late afternoon, the temperature dropped, the sunset was amazing, and the stars were brilliant! Tonight we lit a campfire, the first one of this trip.
All in all, today has been absolutely perfect!

Minippa sa