Monthly Expenses – February 2020

Total: $3569.95

Giving a weekly average of $861.71 and an overall weekly average over 17 months of $839.22


KM Travelled: 5165km

Litres / 100Km: 15.89 L/100Km

Fuel Total: $1312.93

Eating Out

Eating out: $155.00

Quick lunches: $69.00

Coffee, snacks & ice creams: $66.20

Eating Out Total: $290.20


Groceries: $660.71

Wine & Alcohol: $143.00

Groceries Total: $803.71


Free Camps and Donation: $0.000
Nights: 12 

Low-Cost Campsites: $204.00
Nights: 11

Campgrounds over $20: $192.40
Nights: 6

Accomodation Total: $396.40

Tours & Attractions

Tourist attractions & tours: $355.00

Souvineers & gifts: $135.80

Tours & Attractions Total: $490.80


Hardware & Camping supplies: $13.90

Car & Van maintenance: $158.00

Gas bottle refills: $49.90

Miscellaneous: $54.00

Other Total: $275.80


The first three weeks February were scary. We were so far over budget with huge Km’s and large drive days, we are back in Western Australia and we have been reminded of the huge travel distances and costs over here! We were almost ready to throw our hands in the air and give up! “Budget Smudget” is a saying of another caravanning couple we have met on our travels, and I’m beginning to like their thoughts!

But, in the last week of February, we have slowed our travel distance each day, resulting in less fuel. We have found lots more free camps by moving away from the coast. We have been rewarded by being pretty well on point for our budget target by the end of February. The ideal is to be under target most months, so occasionally you can spend more. We assume that being in Western Australia again will mean spending more each month over the next few months, we are expecting that, but overall we are still sitting around our $850 per week average, so can’t complain. We are having a pretty amazing time exploring this country!