We are Glenn and Vicki. We started traveling Australia in October 2018.
We are touring, not working as we go. We are taking a break from our jobs and we don’t have a time frame. Unfortunately we cant travel indefinitely without ultimately getting back into the work force. Our aim is to travel for one to two years before finding work on the road.
We have created a few 3 to 4 minute clips of our traveling highlights.
Below is Part 1, The first 3 months. Our home is in NSW and we have already seen lots close to home. Our first 3 months consisted of seeing parts of NSW, Vic and SA that we hadn’t seen before.

Part 2 Highlights our time in Tasmania.
We spent 8 weeks in Tasmania from January to March 2019.
Tasmania, as a state, still remains one of our favourites. The low cost camping options are endless, the wildlife sightings are prolific, the waterfalls and beautiful walks, all will remain in our memories forever.
Unfortunately we had a major car accident on our last day in Tasmania, it resulted in a total write off of our vehicle. It was a huge inconvenience but didn’t lessen our love of “The Apple Isle”

Part 3 consists of the start of our journey with a new tow vehicle. We had a slight pause in our travels while we found a new vehicle, and fitted it out ready for travel.
In Part 3 we traveled through Central Australia to Uluru and beyond. We turned right at Katherine, to head across to WA. We traveled the iconic Gibb River Road, successfully towing our Kokoda, then continued through soft sandy tracks in The Dampier Peninsula, continuing south along the WA coastline. Once we arrived in Carnarvon, we turned around to go North again. We drove a different route to see more of Northern Western Australia.
Most people doing a typical lap of Aus, would never zig zag like we did, but we are definitely not doing a “typical lap of Aus” We are happy to have seen Northern WA twice, on two different routes.
Part 3 was super enjoyable!

Part 4 is mainly Queensland. We came back from WA via the North, passing through Northern Territory quite quickly as we have explored The Territory before. Our aim was to visit lots of hidden places throughout Queensland that we had not seen before (and some places we felt the need to visit again) We avoided the coast this time. This part of our trip took 4 months. 

We spent most of our time in North and Western Queensland. We were very late in the season, so too late for a few of our planned campgrounds and activities and definitely too late to go to “The Tip” Although, we wanted to visit home for Christmas, so realistically, we wouldn’t have had time to see as much as we planned anyway. Queensland is such a huge state and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Part 4 exceeded our expectations. 

Part 5 encompasses our trip across The Nullarbor, touring southern Western Australia and up the coast to Kalbarri.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus was spreading fast by the time we were half way up WA coast. We made the heartbreaking decision to turn around and head home (as recommended by government departments) when we were in Kalbarri. This decision was made even more difficult because we were only 400km from completing our “Around Australia Lap” although we were almost 5000km from our home! Our trip home was rushed, stressful, and generally no fun at all! We are devastated, but realise we are doing the right thing for all Australians. We know that our travels can be completed Post Covid-19, but at the moment we are still gutted! 

Part 6 is after Covid 19 Lockdown.

Part 5 explains that we were forced to come back to NSW from WA because of Coronavirus. We were in lockdown in Newcastle. Once NSW travel was allowed again after June 1, we took off again. Covid has meant that our travel has been only in NSW, we have traveled slowly as we have seen much of this state previously. Part 6 concludes in October as we have found work for a few months to wait and see what happens with Coronavirus.