Day 12: Streaky Bay to Elliston

What a difference 24 hours can make to the weather!
Today the temperature dropped to a comfortable mid 20’s and by sun down, the wind turned cold and we have pulled out the tracky pants and ugg boots!
We headed south this morning to Elliston and called in to Port Kenny to buy local prawns. A cute little village where we bought our prawns from the wife of the guy who caught them. Now that’s as local as it gets!
The weather was perfect for touring. We arrived at Walkers Rocks Campground, 13km from Elliston and set up camp behind the sand dunes. It was windy, but we tied everything down and drove into town to explore.
The coastal cliff drive around Elliston is absolutely stunning! In our opinion, this road equals the beauty of The Great Ocean Road but without the crowds and fanfare. It is a genuine “road less travelled” There are no barricades or fences to stop you getting close to the cliff edges. It is all about using common sense. We appreciated having the choice to go close or not, and we appreciated the solitude. Something The Great Ocean Road lacks with the thousands of tourists clambering for a selfie!
Closer to town we checked out the historic jetty and caves on the beach. The clear blue skies made everything so picturesque.
The visitor information centre in town was very helpful in planning our day tomorrow. I was fascinated when she planned our day knowing what we would love, without knowing us. Her reply when I asked her how she knew? “You didn’t ask where the best fishing was, so I gathered you weren’t fishermen. Most people come here to fish. I worked out you want scenery and walks” ……. 10 out of 10, how right was she?
A long sunset walk along the beachfront from our campground was a lovely end to the day.
Dinner was outside with all our winter gear, a fire is allowed but the unfortunately the wind is just a bit too strong tonight. Hopefully a fire will be on the agenda tomorrow.

Elliston sa