Day 11: Streaky Bay all day.

Today was set to be our first real rest day.
Housework, washing and catching up by phone with family at home.
We had our first bacon and egg breakfast of the trip. Did some washing and mopped the Nullarbor dust (after the dust storm yesterday) from the caravan floor.
Late morning we headed off on a drive loop from Streaky Bay towards Murphy’s Haystacks. Murphys Haystacks are very impressive granite boulders protruding from the earth in the middle of nowhere, 40km from Streaky Bay.
We happily paid the $2pp donation to visit this special location. Murphys Haystacks are on private property and the owner has given us the opportunity to visit (or even camp) by these unique rocks. Please contribute camping fees and a gold coin donation.
Today has been another extremely hot day. When we got out of the car at the Haystacks, the strong, hot, dry wind nearly took us sideways! We ventured onto the walkways amongst the boulders. We took a few photos but had to give all our strength to not be blown over! I consciously decided we have not come all this way to not complete the walking track amongst the rocks, Glenn was determined too! ….. We gave it a good shot, but we were struggling to make progress along the path. We were being blown backwards, we soon reconsidered! There is nothing worse than a strong hot wind!
We decided to go back to the car for shelter, cold water and air conditioning.
Groceries in town were needed, so we did that and back to the caravan for lunch and a retreat from the heat for a few hours.
After more housework duties we set off to find a local Rockpool swimming area called “Smoothpool” This was an attractive idea in the 38 degree heat of today. After a dirt road detour we arrived as high tide was retreating, the rocky areas were great fun to step over as we searched for water to cool off in. We refreshed slightly, although the water was so cold, it was just a cool off to the waist, but a beautiful location and great memory of today.
Back in the caravan park we introduced ourselves to another Kokoda owner and as usual, we chatted for while. Dinner was late, but that is proving to be usual when on the road.

Streaky Bay