Day 3: We left Willcania early hoping that the car would be happier not travelling in the heat of the day. We got 100kms down the road without a problem, but then it all started again. Broken Hill is only 200km from Wilcannia, so we limped the last 100ks.
We gained time with the time zones so arrived in Broken Hill early. We checked into our chosen campsite, Starview Primitive Campsite. We set up the van and sat in the shade thinking through our options now that we have car problems. Given that it is a public holiday weekend, we decided to limp on to Adelaide and arrive on a working weekday. We think Adelaide is a better option than staying in Broken Hill until after the weekend, as Broken Hill is a small Ford dealership. Just hoping we can limp 600ks!
After a light lunch we did the tourist stuff in Broken Hill. We have been here several times before but have never seen the miners memorial. What a beautiful tribute to all those who lost their lives. If we saw nothing else today, then that wouldnt matter, because that memorial was something else!
It was quite hot, so a refreshing thick shake from Bells diner was in order. Bells Diner is an authentic 1950s cafe. You really need to visit!
We came back to camp for an early happy hour and it wasn’t long before other Campers joined us and we exchanged travel stories. That’s one of the best things about this lifestyle!
We are staying at the campground in the grounds of the living Sculptures so just before sunset, we made our way up the hill to witness the glory. Sunset up here is a must when visiting Broken Hill. I’m so glad we included Broken Hill in our plans again for this trip.

Broken Hill NSW