If you have been following our story, you would know that our decision to travel full time right now was a difficult one. Our boys with special needs are not quite independent, and we were hesitant about leaving them. So, we decided on taking a four leaf clover around Australia. Coming home for a few days every 3 to 6 months. 

Tonight is the last night of our first clover leaf. We have been on the road almost 3 months and will be home tomorrow to spend Christmas with the family. 

On the home front, all is good. Our boys have managed exceptionally with the supports from their grandmothers and carer. We always knew it would be a “sink or swim” situation and at the moment they are swimming! 

On the travel front, we have had an absolutely wonderful time so far. We have travelled South Australia and Victoria and made a choice to visit places we have not seen before, so if you look at our map of where we have been you might wonder why we missed a certain area, thats because we have been there before. The longest we have been caravanning on the road together in the past is 7 weeks, so we have well and truly surpassed that. Our home on wheels is very comfortable and we have not missed our 4 walls at home. We have loved the fact that there is no reason to move camp if we still have things to see and have even enjoyed our first ever 7 night stay anywhere. The Mornington Peninsula, Victoria can claim that title. 

On the down side, we have had sickness. Glenn has been ill on the road and is still recovering. So far we have had four days of him mostly sleeping, fever, chills, back pain and nausea. This has meant I have had rest days. It has been nice (apart from the cleaning vomit part!) catching up on blogs, working on Kokoda Nationals stuff and cooking food that he is too ill to eat. Well, he has been on antibiotics for 24 hours and starting to eat toast. Suspected kidney infection or kidney stones. So, we are hopeful that those stones have dispersed and we can make the 300km trip home tomorrow, otherwise it will be the next day after a rest somewhere in between. 

I figure if we cope with sickness in the caravan so early in our gap year, and are still happy about living in a caravan, then we will be just fine. 

On the plus side, our budget will look great this month because there are no tours we need to do as we get close to home and the fact that Glenn has been too sick to enjoy anything. We have been free camping, not driving, and not eating much! 

There is always a plus side to every negative. Lol. 

Our emotions are mixed about coming home. We are looking forward to seeing our boys and our mums, but the journey home is boring as we have traveled this route so, so many times. We really don’t miss our house at all. 

Anyway, we should reach home tomorrow and give a huge hug to our mums, who are desperately missing us. And our boys, well they will get a huge hug anyway! 

We are home for Christmas, then its just a few short days before we start our next clover leaf. 

Hoping you will enjoy following our travels on our second clover leaf in the scenic state of Tasmania!