Monthly Expenses – February 2021

Total: $2110.20

equates to $527.55 per week,

and an overall weekly average of $510.56


KM Travelled: 1454km

Litres / 100Km: 17.48 L/100km 

Fuel Total: $441.37

Eating Out

Eating out: $255.30

Quick lunches: $19.90

Coffee, snacks & ice creams: $8.00

Eating Out Total: $283.20


Groceries: $554.59

Wine & Alcohol: $0.00

Groceries Total: $554.59


Free Camps and Donation: $0.00
19x Nights

Low-Cost Campsites: $149.90
9x Nights

Campgrounds over $20: $0.00
0x Nights


Accomodation Total: $149.90

Tours & Attractions

Tourist attractions & tours: $24.00

Souvineers & gifts: $58.70

Tours & Attractions Total: $82.70


Hardware & Camping supplies: $69.75

Car & Van maintenance: $481.00

Gas bottle refills: $30.00

Miscellaneous: $18.00

Other Total: $598.75


We were working for the first half of February, not traveling and staying for free with family. This kept costs down, although we did spend nearly $500 on the caravan. Once we started traveling again mid Feb, we  traveled the mountainous NSW South Coast, so fuel consumption was more than usual. 

We managed to get a discount deal on accomodation in a caravan park while staying on the coast. The deal with Travel Auction meant our stay was under $20 per night! Perfect! 

Overall our expenses are on track, given we stopped for work. They are even slightly below what we would normally expect.