Monthly Expenses – February 2019

Total: $3130.71

Equates to $782.67 per week. Overall weekly average $723.42


KM Travelled: 3341km

Litres / 100Km: 13.23 L/100km

Fuel Total: $724.00

Eating Out

Eating out: $249.00

Quick lunches: $81.30

Coffee, snacks & ice creams: $141.80

Eating Out Total: $472.10


Groceries: $564.89

Wine & Alcohol: $222.00

Groceries Total: $786.89


Free Camps and Donation: $15.00
15x Nights 

Low-Cost Campsites: $141.80
13x Nights

Caravan Parks: Nil
0x Nights

Accomodation Total: $156.80

Tours & Attractions

Tourist attractions & tours: $594.00

Souvineers & gifts: $189.40

Tours & Attractions Total: $783.40


Hardware & Camping supplies: $43.55

Car & Van maintenance: Nil

Gas bottle refills: $53.49

Ferry costs: $69.80

Miscellaneous: $49.95

Other Total: $216.79


Our February expenses are on budget. We have been in Tasmania all month. We have spent lots more than usual on coffee, snacks & icecream category. Part of the joy of experiencing Tasmania is the cafes! We have indulged in a morning or afternoon tea a few times a week, where we usually never do that! We have also spent more than usual on tourist attractions. In our opinion the tours have been money well spent, they give more of an insight to the area and increase our enjoyment of the trip. Free and Low Cost camping is wonderful down here! We have not stayed in a caravan park in Tasmania yet, and this has helped to keep the budget on track.
We are very happy that after almost 5 months on the road we have not yet gone over budget! We are very Happy Campers 😀