Our followers would know that in March 2019, 5 months into our lap of Australia, our tow vehicle was involved in a car accident. Our Ford Everest was a complete write off. Thankfully we were not hurt.
This caused a huge delay in our travels. We needed to purchase a new vehicle and fit it out with all the 4WD accessories needed to continue our travels. The accident was interstate from our home town, so we needed to go back to NSW to register the new vehicle in our home state as per registration laws.
The whole process was stressful, time consuming and had us on “pause” for around 6 weeks.

Now that we are on the road again, we thought we would give you a walk around our new Ford Ranger and explain how we have set up the vehicle to suit us for full time travel.

Click the link below to see what we have done to our Ford Ranger.