Pet-friendly: Yes
Cost: Free
Facilities: Self contained vehicles.

Mary Kathleen, near Cloncurry Qld, is a deserted uranium mine site. The campground is set amongst the abandoned buildings of the township. We have stayed in other camps amongst ruins around Australia, the difference with this deserted campground, is that it was a thriving village not too long ago. Most of us remember the 1980’s. The uranium mine employed thousands of people, the township evolved to accommodate their families. It had a hospital, bank, post office, and everything you would expect in a modern town. The campground today is set amongst the concrete slabs and old roads of the abandoned town.
Take the 4WD road out to the abandoned mine site. It is really worth the drive. This camp was more than a quick overnight stay. There was so much to see, and lots of history to go with it!

Mary Kathleen Queensland