We have been traveling full time in a caravan for 2 years.
In that time we have developed a list of our Favourite Gadgets.

Keep reading to find out our favourite 5.

Number 5. Suction Hippo Tissue Box holder 

I like to have tissues on a countertop so they are easy to access. In our caravan we have limited bench space. This Hungry Hippo gadget has been the answer! Suction caps secure the expandable holder to our bathroom splash back, or the glass shower door. After 6 months, our suction caps were failing, so we have used double sided tape to secure him into the future! 

We found this fantastic gadget in the most unusual place. Stanthorpe Law Dogs, gift shop. It was only a few dollars! 

He is also available from EBay for $9.99

Number 4. Ice Balls.

KMart brand Home & Co. Ice Sphere makers. 4 pack, $2.

We love ice in our drinks in summer, but have had trouble with regular ice trays in our small freezer. Finding an area in the freezer, large and flat enough to place the tray full of water so it doesn’t spill is almost impossible. These clever balls mean they can be placed in any small space in the freezer without leaking. When frozen, remove from the case and you have a giant ice cube that stays frozen much longer than a regular ice cube. We love these gadgets!
These Sphere Ice Balls are available in the kitchen area of KMart amongst their range of budget priced products. A pack of 4 was just $2. After I purchased them, I also saw them for sale in Target. They seem to be available in summer only.

Number 3. IPAD 3-in-1 card reader.

To transfer images from SLR camera or the Drone directly to the IPAD.

We do not use a laptop, we use our IPads for all our social media and website updates, as well as our photograph storage. We photograph with a Nikon SLR and a Mavic Pro drone, as well as our phones. Photos from the phones cloud to our IPads, but this device allows us to insert the SIM card from the other cameras and upload photographs direct to the IPads. That way, all our photographs are in the one location, and they can be uploaded to our Social media accounts easily.

This 3-in-1 Card Reader is available from EBay for $19.69 

3-in-1 Card Reader from EBay


Number 2. Ryobi Misting Fan.

The Ryobi Misting fan has been fantastic! It is part of the range of Ryobi One Plus rechargeable range. When sitting outside the mist is a refreshing relief from the heat. We collect water for the bucket from a creek or river so there is no water wastage from your caravan tanks. The Ryobi fan makes free camping in high temperatures more comfortable. This misting fan has definitely earned its place amongst our camping equipment. 

The Ryobi Misting fan is part of the Ryobi rechargeable range. The fan is only available from Bunnings.

Buy Now from Bunnings



Number 1. OzTrail Comet Extension Light.

Our most favourite gadget is the OzTrail Comet light!

The light is on a collapsible extension pole, comes with a spike to hold in the ground. It is connected to a power cord with a USB adaptor. We power the light with our Ryobi USB charger. This light is mainly used when we are a distance from the caravan, usually around the fire. It is very handy while cooking on the fire. We have also used the Comet when eating outside in group situations. It attracts attention when we set it up, and once other campers see how handy it is, it goes on everyone’s wish list! 

The OzTrail Comet light is $99.99. It is not usually a product stocked by OzTrail stockists, but is available online. 


Deciding what to pack when preparing for a trip around Australia, or full time traveling, is not easy. We hope our experience will help you. These 5 gadgets might be products you had not even given thought to, but they certainly make our time on the road easier.

We also plan to make similar blogs on: Our 5 Favourite Items & Our 5 Favourite Caravan Mods.