We have been traveling full time in a caravan for 2 years.
In that time we have been playing around with ideas to make living in a caravan easier. This is a list of our 5x Favourite Simple Modifications.

Number 5: 

Bucket on draw bar

Caravan storage

This is such a simple addition but it is so handy to have quick access to wheel chocks and timber for levelling when arriving at a new site. 

We chose an office rubbish bin because of its suitable size. It is attached to the gas bottle bracket, we drilled holes in the base for drainage, and added an elastic cord across the top for security while traveling. Simple!

Number 4: 

Insulation inside medical cupboard 

Caravan cupboard insulation

It is important that medications are not kept in a hot location. Some medications loose some of their effect if they exceed 30 degrees for extended periods. 

To help overcome this problem we purchased a car windscreen heat deflector and cut to size for the interior of our medication cupboard. Simple! 

Number 3: 

Ammunition boxes on rear bumper

Caravan storage

We have two of these boxes mounted on the rear bumper behind the jerry cans. One is used to store tap fittings, the other holds ropes for tying down the awning. We like having these items easily accessible, rather than rummaging through the main tool box. 

We chose ammunition boxes only because of their ideal size and the fact that they clip tightly closed. But, lets face it, Glenn does like the idea of having “ammo boxes” on his van 😜

Number 2: 

Clothes line permanently on awning.

Caravan clothes line

This modification took a little more time than the others, but it was really just an afternoons work. The clothes line is attached permanently to the awning and he made a second one for huge wash days, but that one needs to be removed each time as it is lower down the awning bar.

We do not stay in caravan parks, and washing is done at our free camp, so this clothes line is ideal for us to use anywhere.

There is a kit available from Bunnings with everything you need. We purchased items separately initially then discovered a kit was available when we added the second line.

Tip: Make sure you mount the clothesline above the door so that it can be left on permanently. 

Number 1:

Shoe Rack on Screen Door.

This little modification gets comments from fellow campers at almost every campsite we stay at! Obviously, being on the door it is visible to everyone walking past, and the interest is overwhelming!

It is such a good use of space that we later added a second one up higher on the door for lots of other gadgets. We also find the one up higher is used to pull the door closed from inside, rather than bending down to the door handle.

You will need a strip of aluminium 10mm x 1 metre and a few screws. Bend the aluminium to suit. The most important thing is to be careful of the door locking / latch mechanism. Keep your screws away from this area. Simple!

Caravan storage

Making caravan travel easier with some simple modifications helps with quick set ups and allows for more time doing the things we love while traveling.

We hope you got some inspiration from our 5 Favourite Simple Caravan Modifications.